Best Pediatric Neurology Hospital in Morbi

Neurologists are doctors who specialize in treating conditions that affect the brain and nervous system. This can include the brain, nerves, and spine. Problems in these areas can cause conditions like headaches, seizures, multiple sclerosis, or developmental delays. Pediatric neurologists specialize in treating these conditions in children.

pediatric neurologists treat most conditions related to the nervous system, they work specifically with children and young people. As pediatric doctors, they generally treat children from birth through 18 or 19 years of age. They are trained to address a child’s unique needs, including child-specific conditions.

We Offer :

Severe, frequent, or ongoing headaches

Poor balance

Unexplained loss of consciousness

Memory loss


Lack of sensation, numbness, or tingling

Problems moving around


Developmental delays

Walking issues

Unintentional jerks or tics


Problems with coordination or other motor function

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