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Ailments related to the skeleton and its attachments, like the ligaments and tendons are treated by best orthopedic surgeon & doctor India. The surgery also treats disorders related to the nervous system and those which arise from injury of the spine. These ailments may occur at birth, or through injury, or it can be the result of ageing.

A joint can be described as a place where two or more parts of the skeleton are fitted together; eg; knee, hip and shoulder. Joint replacement is the surgical procedure by which a damaged joint is replaced with a new one. Nakshatra Hospitals offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic treatments including Joint Replacement Surgery.

We Offer :

Hip Joint Replacement

Knee Joint Replacement

Solder Joint Replacement

Complex Trauma

Communited Fracture


Spine Surgery

Infected fractures

Repair of femoral neck fractures

Repair of trochanteric fractures

Repair fracture of the distal part of radius

Debridement of skin/muscle/bone/fractures

Incise finger tendon sheath

Repair of ankle fracture (fibula)

Repair of femoral shaft fractures

Failed Fractures Surgery

All Type Of Orthopedic Surgery

Bond Century Surgery

Bone Marrow Transplantation

Complicated Pelvic and Acetabular fractures

Infected Non Union fractures

Gap Non Union fractures

Failed & Redo fracture surgeries

Carpal tunnel release

Repair of rotator cuff tendon

Removal of support implant

Repair fracture of radius (bone)/ulna

Repair of ankle fracture

Repair of trochanteric fractures

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Frequently Asked Questions for Joint Replacement

If you're having trouble getting up to answer the phone or walk to your car or your Knee Pain is affecting your day to day life style, it could be the right time to plan for a TKR. A thorough examination by a Joint Replacement expert should confirm if the time for TKR has arrived. If you are dependent on Pain Killers / NSAIDs on regular basis to keep yourself going, you should immediately consult the Joint Replacement expert.

In few cases, lifestyle modifications, physiotherapy and expert supervised medication, or phototherapy (which involves injecting a specific fluid to strengthen connective tissue) can help manage some knee problems. However, prolonged delay or declining a necessary knee replacement could result in a less favourable outcome. If you have tried medication, physiotherapy, kitchen remedies and suggestions from friends / neighbours and the knee pain is still holding you back from doing the things - it is time to plan a Knee Replacement Surgery

Of course it does, with True Align Technique we ensure to mimic and bring back the natural alignment of the Knee Joint, a perfect aligned knee with well balanced load sharing on both the compartments of the knee.

Surgery performed with True Align Technique will lead to a better aligned & more balanced Knee Joint. Your new knee will give you a better range of motion.

Surgery performed with True Align Technique will considerably reduce the dependency of walking aid during post-operative recovery. With a well aligned knee patients will be able to stand upright and walk normally with minimal walking aid with in 2 - 3 days of surgery.

True Align Technique ensures minimal & pain less physiotherapy while at hospital, post discharge patients do not need any further physiotherapy sessions. We provide them with a detailed exercise chart with the core objective of muscle strengthening.

Surgery performed with TRUE ALIGN TECHNIQUE means better aligned & well balanced knee, this ensures equal weight distribution on implanted components and the underlying bone. Which surely increases life of the implant.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery aims to remove the worn out cartilage and fixes the artificial knee consisting of a femoral part, a tibial part and a patellar part. The femoral part replaces the lower end of thigh bone, 'femur'. The tibial component replaces upper end of the leg bone tibia'. The knee cap or patella is also replaced with a prosthesis or artificial knee cap.