Best Pediatric Endocrinology Hospital in Morbi

A pediatric endocrinologist treats children who have trouble with conditions related to hormones or glands. The health conditions that a pediatric endocrinologist treats can be very different from those seen by an endocrinologist who treats adults. To become a pediatric endocrinologist, a person needs special training in the areas of development and growth in children.

A pediatric endocrinologist treats hormonal disorders in children, but there are a lot of conditions that fall under this broad specialty.

Some of the more common conditions found in children include:

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Adrenal disorders (problems with adrenal glands))

Obesity and overweight

Bone disorders

Disorders of sex development

Pituitary disorders (trouble affecting secretion of hormones in pituitary gland)s

Thyroid disorders

Growth disorders

Reproductive system and puberty problems

Endocrine gland cancers

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